Give wisdom,
get money.

Ask a question and offer a bounty for the best answers. The userbase then votes to determine which answers receive that bounty. All transactions are currently in ETH, with support for multiple currencies coming soon.

Make money from anywhere in the world.

We understand the risks associated with centralized services holding user funds. We're compatible with standard web3 wallets so you never have to "maintain a balance" on our service. The only funds we manage are held in our smart contract escrow - for bounties.

Your funds are safest in your own wallet.

The centralized internet gave us information, the decentralized internet will give us wisdom. We believe the Socratic method (asking and answering questions) most efficiently leads to the critical thinking necessary for wisdom to arise.

If you wonder, ask; if you know, answer.

Max Brody

Cameron Hejazi
Advisory Team

Steven McKie
Founder, BlockChannel
Brian Loeb
Associate, Continental Grain
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